App development

  • iOS and Android development
  • Hybrid multiplatform development
  • UI / UX development
  • Layout and front-end logic
  • Interaction with native device sensors
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Offline operation and sync
  • Integration of secure payment systems
  • VoIP Applications

IoT & Embedded

  • Software design for embedded architecture
  • AVR, Xtensa, and ARM architectures
  • Cable and/or wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4+, BLE, and WiFi
  • Intercircuit communication via SPI, I2C, UART
  • Monitoring and transmission of sensor information
  • Bidirectional link with mobile App and/or cloud
  • Wearable devices
  • Integration with existing systems

Cloud development

  • Custom backend development
  • Server Infrastructure Design
  • Cloud Application Deployment
  • Design and development of REST APIs
  • Expansion and interconnection of existing systems
  • Distributed systems

Web development

  • Responsive WebApps design and development
  • Progressive WebApps (with offline operation)
  • Design and development of web pages 2.0
  • Mobile-first, responsive and SEO-friendly
  • Custom CMS and/or ecommerce