We are looking for Developers with advanced knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), object-oriented programming and software engineering standard concepts to join our team.

Above all, you must be prepared to NOT be doing the same things every day, because every 30 - 45 days you will start a new project, and more than likely it won't have much to do with the previous one.

You should be a developer who is not afraid to face new challenges and who is eager to learn, contribute and get the best of your colleagues.

Highly valued:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SASS
  • Angular / Angular2
  • Ionic / Ionic2
  • Other programming skills (other languages and platforms)

Product engineer / Mechanical engineer

We have one position open for an engineer to help in the hardware area.

Main roles are:

  • Conceptual design and development of plastic / sheet metal parts and assemblies.
  • Working closely with the electronics department to integrate PCBs into final housings.
  • Materials / manufacturing process selection.
  • Prototyping / concept validation.
  • Prototype assembly / test.