Everything you need

Avoid hiring and coordinating several suppliers for the same project.

App and web development

  • Concept, design, development and publishing of responsive web pages and apps
  • Native apps for iOS and Android, or hybrid development for multiplatform deployment

Industrial and product development

  • Design, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and custom machine design
  • Experts in advanced manufacturing processes and techniques

Hardware, firmware and electronics

  • Sensors, sensor interfaces, actuators and improvement of existing systems
  • Electronic design and prototyping of printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Design and development of connected devices (IoT)


  • Idea verification. Technical Consultancy in the earliest stages
  • Project viability and productive processes analysis. Sizing your project.
  • Linking entrepreneurs with already established companies


  • Analysis and diagnosis of the technological and economic situation
  • Definition of functional and operational needs
  • Selection and implementation of innovative solutions


  • Custom interned-enabled devices. Retrofitting and enhancement of existing systems
  • Stock management, automated process control and computer vision software
  • Software, hardware and consultancy outsourcing services

Under the same roof

Our team is composed by several experts from different disciplines.

We guarantee optimal results and
perfect integration accross them.

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